6 – Clashing with Class Rank with Kevin Bai in Plano, Texas

We talk with Kevin Bai about how he helped lead the movement to end class rank in Plano ISD, how class rank hurts students, and why colleges don’t really care about it.

We’d like to extend another big thank you to Kevin Bai for coming onto the podcast and being our first of many guest speakers! Let us know if you would like us to feature more guests in the future. Please leave any questions/comments for Kevin or the rest of us in the comment section below or on our Contact Us form.


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Show Notes:

Plano ISD Class Rank Removal News Clip

Local Article on Plano ISD Class Rank Removal

Actual Petition Used in this Movement


Plano Star Courier Article on Class Rank Removal

Washington Post Article on Class Rank and Effect on College Admissions

Stats on Schools Valuing Class Rank

Article on Valedictorian Success


Thanks to Purple Planet for the music during the ad at http://www.purple-planet.com licensed under CC BY 3.0

Thanks to Redaf for the Guitar Sound Effect licensed under CC BY 3.0.

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