8 – The Struggle is Real: A Summer Check-In on Where You Should Be

Newsflash: everyone is struggling right now, especially with colleges changing the goalposts on standardized testing. Nhi and Dominic fret about how they are doing with their essays and overall application. Through it all, you’ll find out where you need to be at this point in the summer.

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Show Notes:

Harvard Lawsuit
Princeton and Stanford Drop SAT/ACT Essay Requirement, Princeton to Require Graded Essay Sample
Cameron Impact Scholarship
College Fly in Programs
Common Application Essay Prompts
SAT/Subject Tests Dates
ACT Dates
Register for the SAT/Subject Tests
Register for the ACT
Ship Chapter in the IliadThanks to Purple Planet for the music during the ad at http://www.purple-planet.com licensed under CC BY 3.0

Thanks to Redaf for the Guitar Sound Effect licensed under CC BY 3.0.

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