72 – Gap Year or Zoom University

Michael and Gonzalez talk about the pros and cons of gap years. Michael thinks it’s always been an underrated option, but because of coronavirus, more and more people are thinking about taking one! We talk about what someone might learn on a gap year, why someone might take it, and how the calculus could be different if you come from a low income background.

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Show Notes:

  • The fall semester may still be in some online format (4:25)
  • Orientation is undervalued (6:00)
  • Do a T-chart analysis on taking a gap year (8:10)
  • Some kids have to park themselves at a restaurant to get wifi (9:28)
  • Why take a gap year if you can easily persevere? (10:26)
  • Right now is the opportunity to work on those side projects (13:00)
  • Gap years can be a growth period for undisciplined students, and a rest period for stressed students (18:28)
  • Gonzalez’s oldest son needed a gap year to mature (19:38)
  • Parental concerns: if the kid takes a year off, will they go back to school? (21:38)
  • Most schools will let you request a gap year, while others play by ear (22:30)
  • Education is the key to opportunities (26:34)
  • A $40,000 job with a high school diploma, or delayed gratification with a college degree? (27:06)
  • Gonzalez made some side cash in college by starching guys’ shirts (29:40)
  • The untitled book (32:29)


Thanks to Redaf for the Guitar Sound Effect licensed under CC BY 3.0.

Thanks to Vibe Mountain for the Intro and Outro Music licensed under CC BY 3.0.

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