69 – Your Extracurricular Strategy

Extracurricular activities are essential to any compelling college application. In this episode, we talk about 3 different types of students: students who don’t have any extracurriculars, students who have too many extracurriculars, and students that got into college on the strengths of their extracurriculars. Then, we talk a little about how schools, administrators, and teachers can do a better job of counseling students.

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Show Notes:

ECs are the best way to get involved in subjects that isn’t covered in school (such as political science) (7:30)

Do ECs but don’t let your grades suffer, find a good balance. Your ECs are a vehicle for college admissions (14:30)

Make sure your ECS relate to your overall “story” (22:00)

The best way to evaluate your ECs is to be in it for 2+ years with growth (member to president). it’s not quantity but dedication throughout your time (31:00)

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