56 – Computerized Admissions Officers: UT Austin’s Wacky Admissions System with Jeffrey Wang

Jeffrey Wang is the founder of the r/UTAustinAdmissions subreddit. Today, he joins the podcast to talk about UT has essentially computerized half of the admissions process. UT gives each applicant an Academic Index and a Personal Achievement Index. Jeffrey explains how UT calculates these scores and how it uses them to evaluate applications. Turn out that UT’s admissions process isn’t so holistic after all. Stay tuned till the end for the wackiest part – applicants are literally given a coordinate pair that is supposed to encompass their entire application and placed on a 2D Cartesian grid. Wack!

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Show Notes:


How to FERPA UT Austin

Academic Index Calculator


Thanks to Redaf for the Guitar Sound Effect licensed under CC BY 3.0.

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