41 – Covering the New Admissions Scandal: Large Dollar Payments for Admission to College

In this episode of the Admissions Uncovered Podcast, your favorite hosts take a stab at explaining the new admissions scandal. With 50 people charged, hundreds of thousands of dollars being exchanged, and more unfairness exposed in the college application process, there’s a lot to cover, so sit back and enjoy the show.

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Show Notes:

CNN Update Article

Vox Article

Politico Solution Article

The Crimson Article

List of People Charged in Scandal


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One Reply to “41 – Covering the New Admissions Scandal: Large Dollar Payments for Admission to College”

  1. Great podcast. This scandal is evidence of a bigger problem that was already known but now brought to the attention of the public. I agree that wealth should in no way be factored into admissions. Admissions and money are two different things. I bet there are enough people donating that a few missing donations for the sake of admissions will not greatly hinder the school. Tuition costs should be able to find the school. I disagree in that I think $70k/yr per student is more than enough to keep a school running though it really depends on how many people are paying tuition. That’s another issue entirely (debt/expensive tuition). Higher education should be about success rather than money or making oneself to meet the admissions template. The most successful people know how to accomplish a lot with very little. Colleges should make their admissions process available to the public. I think it’s fair for applicants to know which factors specifically decide whether they get in. Those factors are known but only vaguely. Perhaps legislation changes could be made to prevent further “cheating” and hold colleges accountable. I think this happens far more often than we think. Only 50 people were caught but how many people are doing it. Still, I don’t think enough people do it for it to be significant to others but even one instance is enough to make me feel somewhat angry with the system. I already feel that admissions affect the lives of high schoolers too much. High school students now are trying so hard to meet a template rather than find individuality and interests. Fortunately, that is one benefit of homeschooling. I regularly question homeschooling but one of the redeeming qualities is the opportunity to feel authentic and honest. Hanging around me for a day, it’s pretty obvious what my life priorities are and what is important to me.

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