24 – I Pressed Submit, Now What?

It’s November First and you’ve either already submitted your application or about to submit it. After months of stressing, you finally have finished the first round of applications. Now what? On this episode, we give some reminders for more forgettable pieces of the application and what you should be doing after the deadline.

One more thing, Election Day is next Tuesday, November 6. Get involved – vote, volunteer, and enter the Admissions Uncovered Election Day giveaway.

Enter the Admissions Uncovered election giveaway! Vote or volunteer for any political campaign, post a selfie with the hashtag #aupodvotes on Facebook, and enter a giveaway for a 25 dollar Amazon gift card and a chance to be featured on your favorite college admissions podcast.

How do you vote? Check out this website for where to vote, when to vote, and what to bring to vote.

How do you volunteer? Michael is a Democrat and he recommends Swing Left to volunteer with competitive Democratic House candidates.

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Show Notes:

What is FERPA?

What to do Before You Submit Your Application

What to do After You’ve Submitted Your Application

School Interview List


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