17 – Fantasy Recommendation Letter League w/ Veteran Educator Don Gonzalez

Teacher recommendation letters are your reward for being a brown noser for four years. Just kidding… Kinda… Joining us to talk about how to get good teacher recommendation letters and how to build strong relationships with instructors is a 20 year veteran of public schools. Don Gonzalez is a teacher and magnet coordinator at the Judge Barefoot Sanders Law Magnet in Dallas, TX. He was a key piece of Michael’s college applications, and now he joins the podcast to give his own advice. To hear more from Mr. Gonzalez, check out his podcast and blog at thejoecatholic.org.

Thanks to Don Gonzalez for coming on the podcast. Check out his other podcasting work here.

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Show Notes:

Great Rec Letter Article (Real Rec Letters)

Tips to Get a Standout Rec Letter


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