15 – Applying to International Schools from America – How and Why?

We aren’t just limited to schools in the United States. There are great schools internationally. We discuss the application processes for UK and Canadian schools as well as joint programs between American and international schools like Yale-NUS and NYU’s programs. Finally, we reflect on whether applying internationally is actually worth it.

Time Stamps –
UK Schools – 2:06
Canadian Schools – 15:48
Joint Programs – 21:08
Reflection – 28:53

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Show Notes:

British University Application Guide

Applying to UK Schools NYT Article

Cambridge Testing and Application Requirements

British Standardized Testing for International Applicants

Oxford Price and Financial Aid

Cambridge Price and Financial Aid


Standardized Testing for Canadian Schools

UToronto Admission Requirements

Canadian University Stats

Canadian University Rankings (don’t use this religiously, but it is a good basic guide)


Yale NUS Admissions

Yale NUS Price and Financial Aid

Columbia Sciences Po Admissions and Application Requirements

Columbia Sciences Po Price and Financial Aid

NYU Abu Dhabi Admissions and Application Requirements

NYU Abu Dhabi Price and Financial Aid

NYU Shanghai Admissions and Application Requirements


Applying Abroad Article

Additional Applying Abroad Article


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